Jörg Reichardt

Institute for Theoretical Physics - University of Würzburg


The interactions of many agents in a system can be abstracted as dynamical networks. Systems can be as diverse as the gene regulatory network of a living organism or the trading of goods among thousands of market participants. Certain functions or behavioral patterns of the agents leave traces in the topology of such networks. The specific function or behavior of an individual agent in a network is, however, generally unknown. The goal of my research is hence to detect patterns in the topology of the interactions and infer the function and properties of agents from these patterns. In order to solve this inference problem I apply methods from statistical mechanics.

Upcoming event at the spring meeting of the German Physical Society, March 22-28, Dresden, Germany:
Joint Symposium: Data Analysis in Complex Systems: From Data to Models
co-organized with Thilo Gross and Holger Kantz.