This is the current source package: cups-pdf_3.0.1.tar.gz and its md5-checksum file.

Debian Martin-Éric Racine maintains a Debian package of CUPS-PDF which is part of the official distribution.

openSUSE For openSUSE packages are maintained at their Build Service.

Fedora Remi Collet maintains RPM packages for Fedora, RHEL, and CentOS which are available from Fedora packages.

Gentoo For Gentoo there is a package of CUPS-PDF in the net-print category.

Slackware A build of CUPS-PDF for Slackware can be found on

MacOS On bitbucket a package for Mac OS X is available. Futhermore, MacPorts offers a portfile.

FreeBSD Simon Olofsson maintains a port of the current CUPS-PDF for FreeBSD on FreshPorts.

OpenBSD CUPS-PDF is also available in the packages and ports collection of OpenBSD.

T2 A package of CUPS-PDF for the T2 System Development Environment can be found here.

User-contributed addons for CUPS-PDF

pstitleiconv by Nickolay Kondrashov (c) 2006:

cups-pdf-dispatch by Nickolay Kondrashov (c) 2006:

config2lpoptions by Louis Lagendijk (c) 2011:

As far as not explicitly stated otherwise all of the contributed software is distributed under the same license as CUPS-PDF (GPLv2) - check Licensing for more information.

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